CastleUniversally famous as the “Home of Golf”, St. Andrews is home to the oldest University in Scotland and has many historical attractions tucked away in its elegant Medieval Edwardian and Victorian streets and leafy quadrangles, including a stunning ruined Cathedral and the Castle with its Bottle Dungeon and Secret Underground Passage.
bridgeGolf3Everyone who plays the 18th hole at St Andrews walks over the 700 year old bridge, and many iconic pictures of the farewells of the most iconic golfers in history have been taken on the bridge. A life size stone replica of the bridge is situated in the World Golf Hall of Fame museum in St Augustine Florida.
  St Andrews cathedral grounds, Scotland, UK St. Andrews cathedral was founded to supply more accommodation than the older church of St Regulus (St. Rule) afforded. This older church, located on what became the cathedral grounds, had been built in the Romanesque style. Today, there remains the square tower, 33 metres (108 feet) high, and the quire, of very diminutive proportions. universityLong The University of St. Andrews  is a public research university. It is the oldest of the four ancient universities of Scotland and the third oldest in the English speaking world (following Oxford and Cambridge). It was founded between 1410 and 1413 when the Avignon Antipope Benedict XIII issued a Papal Bull to a small founding group of Augustinian clergy. Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge famously fell in love with Prince William while they were both at St Andrews University.


The Fife Coastal path which stretches from the Tay Road Bridge to beyond the Forth Road Bridge, offering spectacular coastline scenery. The walk is divided into sections and St Andrews offers the perfect stopping-off point.